Public Service Reform Plan 2014-2016

4. Conclusion

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This updated Reform Plan sets out an overview of the ambitious objectives and commitments to Public Service Reform in the coming years at central and sectoral levels.

These reforms form part of the vision for a new Public Service out to 2020. It is the responsibility of public servants, at all levels and in all sectors of the Public Service, to ensure that this vision becomes a reality.

This will require the development of change management capacity and capability within organisations. It will require leadership at all levels and support for a sustainable culture of change, where the Public Service is adaptive and responsive to the needs of citizens and business customers. It will also require the dedication and commitment of public servants themselves, something that they have demonstrated through the significant reforms that have been achieved since the beginning of the economic crisis and particularly in the implementation of the first Public Service Reform Plan. Considerable progress has been made in making real and sustainable change a reality across the Public Service and this should be recognised and acknowledged.

In implementing the next phase of the reform programme, it is important that we have a vision for the Public Service that we are building. The Public Service will focus on delivering greater efficiency and effectiveness in how it uses limited resources. In addition to increased operational efficiency, the Public Service will be more innovative and strategic in how it designs and delivers public services. It will focus on the service users at the centre of its planning and delivery. This will mean improving how it gathers and uses data and taking a longer term view of how it adds value to citizens and business customers. In the coming years, there will be a focus on the delivery of the best possible outcomes for service users. Services must also be delivered with a focus on greater openness and transparency, with accountability for the use of resources and in decision making.
The Public Service will focus on delivering greater efficiency and effectiveness. It will focus on the delivery of the best possible outcomes for service users.
Good progress has been made in the delivery of reform since November 2011 and further progress will be made in the coming years. Appendix 1 sets out some of the key actions and timelines that will be taken over the next three years to bring the Public Service closer to meeting its objectives. It links the key objectives set out in the Strategic Overview section of this plan with specific time-bound actions over the next three years. However it should not be viewed as the totality of our ambition. Other reforms will be taking place both centrally and in all sectors of the Public Service over the coming years that will improve how we operate as a Public Service and to ensure that working in the Public Service is a more interesting, challenging and rewarding experience.
The role that public servants will play in reform is crucial, both as individuals and collectively, working together to deliver the best possible Public Service for the Irish people.
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