Annual Progress Report on the Public Service Reform Plan 2014-2016


The Public Service Reform Plan 2014-16 includes a commitment to “publish a progress report on Public Service Reform each year”. The progress outlined in this Annual Report is primarily based on the cross-cutting objectives and actions set out in the Reform Plan, which can be seen at

The overarching Framework for Public Service Reform below illustrates how the overall objective of Better Outcomes is being pursued across all sectors through:
  • A Focus on Service Users
  • A Focus on Efficiency
  • A Focus on Openness, Transparency and Accountability
  • A Focus on Leadership, Renewal and Organisational Reforms
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There are 230 specific actions in the Public Service Reform Plan 2014-16, and the implementation of these is actively monitored by the Reform and Delivery Office in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. This Progress Report does not provide an update on every action but sets out an overview of progress across the main headings of the Reform Plan. The report is structured under the four bullet points above, which together address the ultimate goal of the Reform Plan to improve outcomes for all Public Service stakeholders.

Each section has a number of chapters which set out progress in 2015 on the cross-cutting actions in the Reform Plan. These are complemented by a range of illustrative examples of reform at sectoral / organisational level, which reflect the key themes of the Reform Plan. These examples encompass a mix of major sectoral reforms and other more organisation specific reforms. These vary in scale and complexity but all contribute towards the Better Outcomes objective. At the end of each section, a graphic is included to highlight a selection of key reform achievements across the Public Service since the first Public Service Reform Plan was published in 2011.

It is important to note that the Progress Report is intended to outline progress on cross-cutting priorities for reform. It does not cover the full extent of reform across the entire Public Service. Many other significant Departmental, sectoral and organisational reform initiatives are being pursued alongside cross-cutting reforms.
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